Pan Tilt Camera System For The Zephyr UAV Coming Very Soon

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pan-tilt system near full installation

I am pleased to announce that Marcus UAV Corp. is introducing a fully operational pan
tilt camera system for its Zephyr UAV system very soon.

This new camera system will come standard in the Zephyr UAV when choosing the surveillance UAV package option over the standard aerial photography package.

Pan Tilt Camera System Operation

This pan-tilt camera system has been in the development and testing stage for over a year. Our top engineer has created and developed this technology from scratch using custom servos, electronics, and moldings created with new 3D printing technology. This camera system will have the ability to be controlled with the standard zephyr UAV ground-station software using a standard game control pad as an interface. This game control pad that comes with purchase will allow any novice to control the pan tilt camera system mechanism with ease.

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The zephyr pan tilt camera system will be set to a sensitivity level that is suitable for most applications. Camera throw speed can be customized and set to the purchaser’s preference by Marcus UAV.

The pan tilt camera system will be gyro stabilized to keep the camera system pointing at the operator’s desired target when the UAV isn’t flying at level.

High winds will often make surveillance operations difficult if gyro stabilization is not integrated with a UAV’s on-board camera system.

The total weight of this new pan tilt camera system payload should be less than 1 pound when fully completed.

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This pan tilt system including camera and related hardware will be fully contained within the UAV air-frame before landing. The camera system is programmed to extend out during flight upon operator command, and retract in the same manner when triggered to do so. When using the UAV’s automatic landing mode, the zephyr will command the camera system to retract automatically before landing.

The pan tilt camera system on many UAV’s are not self-contained, and can make landing a UAV in rough terrain impossible.

Soon, Marcus UAV will be releasing the plans for the zephyr UAV pan tilt camera system to the public as an open source project. We are encouraging top mechanical and electrical engineers to aid us in improving our design on an ongoing basis to be smaller, lighter, and ultimately more versatile.

uav pan tiltAdditionally, this pan tilt camera system will be available to the public fully built and tested for a price that is yet to be determined. If you are interested in purchasing a pan tilt camera system for your own UAV systems, then let Marcus UAV know by e-mail or phone so we can create one for your custom application.

* We are offering a color video camera with our zephyr systems standard, but can integrate a thermal imaging camera if required. Many different thermal camera systems are available for integration; please inquire about integrating specific camera models individually. High zoom or high resolution camera systems are also available for integration.

UAV’s For Catching Poachers- What Poachers Don’t Know About

The latest application for UAV technology discussed by the world is the possibility of using an eye in the sky system for catching poachers. The main question asked by forest park rangers and game wardens is, “how much ground can we cover?”

solutions for poachingThe answer to this question depends on how much detail your UAV camera system must be able to resolve to catch the poachers. The Zephyr UAV system sold here will travel at a top speed of 90 MPH and can normally cover a square mile of ground with 10 passes at a altitude of 300 meters. These are numbers that have been proven through our own flight testing monitoring crops and other wildlife, but variables to this equation are numerous.

By modifying the altitude of your UAV system, you can cover a greater swath of ground on each pass, however a higher altitude will result in less detail of the video captured.

The option for you to order a custom UAV from us that can stay in the air longer and cover a greater amount of ground exists. This custom UAV will come with a larger overall airframe and more on-board battery packs to extend flight time. You can realize up to 30 miles of flight distance using the combination of a long range zephyr airframe and long range tracking antenna- essentially doubling the amount of ground you can cover over stock.

* It is up to you to comply with all local, state, and national laws in regards to long range flight testing. It might be necessary to get special permits to fly at this distance, so check with an attorney before flying.

When using the Zephyr UAV system to carry our surveillance on public ground, you will beuav for findingn poachers saving money by limiting physical deployment of personnel. Additionally, the effect of using the technology to identify and prosecute poachers will relieve funds typically spent prosecuting the defendants.

The resolution of video that is available through use of the UAV brings not only evidence of poaching that courts systems can use, but also intel game wardens have used to catch the poachers in the act.

Previously, decoys with cameras were installed by game wardens outdoors to catch the poachers in their jurisdictions, but this no longer proves effective. These decoys have been around long enough now that poachers are catching on and avoiding them. Because of this fact, policing of the outdoors with UAV technology proves to be a new and effective way to replace the old ploy in a expired bag of tricks.

Once this UAV techology is rolled out in droves, hunters across the world won’t know what hit them. It won’t be untill the first poacher challenges the accusation in court for the hunting world to know. Once these poachers do figure out there is an eye in the sky watching them, there will be little they can do to defend against it besides avoiding the poaching activity.

The Zephyr UAV package for game wardens is colored white to make it extremely difficult to spot from the ground. When landing the UAV manually, a bright orange led light system will be activated to allow the flight opperator to see the what the poacher couldn’t. Additionally, because the zephyr uav system operates off of an electric motor and flies at a height of hundreds of feet in the air, the poachers won’t be able to hear UAV approaching.

As a game warden, you won’t obviously be able to catch poachers in the act with the Zephyr UAV system most times, but a log can be made of hunters in the area for future reference. Recommended use of the UAV system includes sweeping the area in your jurisdiction on a schedule as to map out activity in your area.

Game wardens, if you have a very large area to police, then I recommend that you purchase multiple Zephyr UAV systems from us and program them for use in “swarm” mode. What this will do for you is allow you the operator to run multiple UAV’s from the same set of controls. If you need video surveillance of a given area in a pre-determined frequency, we will then calculate the number of UAV systems you will need to get the job done. Many times, this swarm capability is needed to keep adequate logs of a larger area.

At this time, there are several groups working on implementing entire UAV fleets to replace ground personnel working to fight poaching. Become part of the new trend.