Transmit HD video and telemetry up to 30 miles. A high power, parabolic dish antenna automatically points to the unmanned aircraft whereever it is in the sky.No complicated calibration or setup!

Simply turn it on and it’s ready to go!

Integrated GPS and electronic compass so the antenna knows where it is and where to point, even while moving on a ship or vehicle.Antenna system is mounted on a Manfrotto Carbon fiber tripod for lightweight and durability Packs into included custom rugged case for easy transport.


500MW digital tranceiver. Up to 256 datastreams. Analog, HD, Cat5 inputs

Simply connect to your unmanned vehicles telemetry port to feed gps and telemetry data. Air unit send telemetry data from drones GPS receiver to TA so it knows where to point.


Autonomously points antenna array at unmanned aircraft using telemetry data coming from the UAV
Up to 30 Mile range Line of Sight
360° pan, 90° Tilt, Autonomous tracking of unmanned aircraft
Supports antennas for both video and telemetry
Heavy duty tripod extends to 6 feet.
Quick release construction allows for expedient assembly and dissassembly without the need for tools.
Includes all cables necessary for operation
Optional encrypted digital data link
Includes control software
Operates from included 11.1V 5000 mah Lithium Ion Polymer battery


Lightweight black aluminum tripod
Heavy Duty Pan & Tilt Motor System
Ground control software
Technical support
(2) 8 Meter USB cables
8 Meter Audio/Video cable

option 1:

2.4Ghz 24 dbi parabolic grid dish antenna, 10 dbi 2.4Ghz Omnidirectional antenna & diversity video receiver, 900 Mhz 9 dbi yagi antenna & radio modem, cables, battery

option 2:

5.8Ghz 27 dbi parabolic grid dish antenna, 12 dbi 5.8Ghz Omnidirectional antenna & diversity video receiver, 900 Mhz 8 dbi yagi antenna & radio modem, cables, battery