Multispectral Still Imaging camera Payload

Lightweight Agricultural Digital Camera - Specially Designed for UAV Applications, Re-engineered to be the lightest, and most flexible multispectral camera available. Create near infrared digital photography using the Tetracam ADC Micro all by itself and Pixelwrench software (included) to create NDVI maps. Used by precision agriculture professionals worldwide.


Servo Stablized
20o X-Axis Rotation
Trigger Rate 1/sec
Manual or Automatic Flight
Waypoint or Manual Camera Triggering
Payload Weight : 114 Grams


Tetrcam ADC Snap Micro
Resolution 1.3 MP

Payload Is Hot Swappable

Payload Options3 PayloadS - 1 Platorm

  • RGB Still Imaging Camera- Waypoint triggered camera for mapping and aerial survey purposes. X-axis stabilization.

  • Pan/Tilt Live Video Gimbal- Joystick controlled. Stream live video from your Marcus UAV groundstation in real time from up to 30 miles away.

  • Multispectral Imaging Camera- Waypoint triggered, near infrared imaging camera for precision agriculture and crop prescription generation. X-axis stabilization.

Getting Setup To launch For Image capture Or Remote Sensing Application

Precision Agriculture Data Application

Below you can find a potato field we had flown over that had begun to have a problem just 2 weeks earlier. As compared to the surrounding fields that did not have a problem, you can see just how much difference was shown in our resultant NDVI image analysis. Resulting problem was found to be a seed quality issue.

Proccess workflow we used :

Download                       Download                       Download                       Download

2 Automatic Launch Options

Catupult Launch


Automaic Landing Involves Adding A Waypoint

(1000 feet Of Landing Space Required)

Belly Landing

(Grass Required)